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If you’re looking to enhance your smile as a teen, there are numerous factors to consider. The life you lead, the habits you partake in, the activities you follow, the food and drinks you eat, and the new teeth that are erupting in your mouth, can all contribute to numerous oral ailments and potential hazards as you age.

As the last of your adult teeth grow in as a teen, it is important to make sure they grow in effectively. Numerous ailments can arise if they don’t fully grow in, if they grow in at an angle, or if they are erupting in the wrong place. If a bad bite or malocclusion should occur as wisdom teeth are growing in, visit your dentist.

In addition, exercise caution with bad habits such as smoking or using drugs, as they can severely damage your smile and your overall health. In addition, be aware that mouth jewelry, although potentially stylish, can easily damage your smile and lead to infections, dental damage, and lacerations. Furthermore, they also pose significant choking hazards.

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