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You’ve been told ad nauseum by dentists that, along with brushing, flossing is a vital part of maintaining your oral health. Yet, even with years of proselytizing, flossing is still an action that many people fail to do regularly, or do at all. For those people who find that traditional flossing is too bothersome or difficult, we have some suggestions:

Floss Picks

They are pre-strung in a convenient y-shape for ultimate maneuverability. No longer do you need to wrap the floss string around and around your fingers and awkwardly eat your hands in order to floss. Picks are perfect for those who have a hard time holding the floss with their fingers.

Water Flossers

A water flosser is the absolute easiest way to floss, and it’s actually quite fun to shoot a stream of pressurized water in your mouth. Put some antiseptic in the tank and add a bit more cleaning power to your flossing. The device comes with a water tank, hose, and several nibs that adjust the water stream. You can even get a nib for your nose that allows you to use the water flosser to flush out your sinuses.

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