A Partial Denture May Be the Preferred Option to Replace Teeth Lost to Gum Disease

Long-term problems with gum disease can lead to concentrated bacterial deposits deep within your periodontal tissues. In time severe gum disease can ravage the roots of multiple teeth leading to tooth loss, or multiple teeth in one area that are on the brink of failure. In a situation like this you should consider scheduling an… Read more »

Have a Superb Smile With Dental Sealants

Although our patients are aware of the benefits of visiting Berryville Dental Associates if dental damage has occurred. But they may not be aware that there are different treatment procedures that can be used to help protect the smile before tooth decay or enamel erosion sets in. To prevent the effects of tooth decay, consider… Read more »

Traditional Flossing Alternatives

You’ve been told ad nauseum by dentists that, along with brushing, flossing is a vital part of maintaining your oral health. Yet, even with years of proselytizing, flossing is still an action that many people fail to do regularly, or do at all. For those people who find that traditional flossing is too bothersome or… Read more »

Content Smiles: Halitosis Treatment and Prevention

How confident are you about your oral health care in terms of preventing dental damage? If you feel as if your oral health could still use some work, you have plenty of options including setting up effective prevention and treatment plans. This is especially beneficial if halitosis has begun to rear its ugly head. Halitosis… Read more »

Cleaning Between Your Teeth

In a survey conducted not long ago, more people preferred to go grocery shopping than floss their teeth. That is rather odd when you consider that flossing costs less and doesn’t require you to stand in line. And if you don’t floss, eventually you won’t need to buy as much food. You see, tooth decay… Read more »

Increased Fluoride Can Help Maintain Strong Teeth

Inconsistent oral hygiene practices can gradually start to affect your tooth enamel. If you fail to brush your teeth every morning or night, or if you forget to floss at least once each day, the bacteria, food debris and acids in your mouth can lead to several oral health issues. A persistent acidic environment in… Read more »

Dental Restorations: Oral Health Care

A better smile can be had if you’re willing to take the necessary steps to protect your mouth as much as possible. Oftentimes, oral ailments arise due to unhealthy aspects of your diet. This can include the food you’re eating or how you’re eating them. If you are not careful, you can cause yourself severe… Read more »

A Lost Tooth May Need Endodontic Treatment

A severe blow to the mouth or head can sometimes can damage your tooth or knock it completely out of the socket. In these cases the pain and associated symptoms can be extreme, and you should see our endodontist, Dr. Gina Kaiser and Nicole Malony for an emergency appointment. While you are waiting to see… Read more »

A Large Dental Abscess Could Cause Severe Complications

A cavity that goes without professional treatment can gradually allow tooth decay to spread deeper into the affected tooth. In time, it could potentially cause a severe infection to develop deep in the surrounding gum tissues. As the bacterial pocket of infection starts to grow, the resulting dental abscess could cause increasing toothache pain, and… Read more »

A Case of Dental Avulsion Might Require a Dental Bridge Restoration

Dental avulsion is a technical term used to describe a severe oral trauma that badly damages a tooth, or knocks it out of the periodontal socket. In some of these cases, timely first aid might allow for a whole tooth to be inserted back into the gums. Unfortunately, in many cases of severe dental avulsion… Read more »