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Inconsistent oral hygiene practices can gradually start to affect your tooth enamel. If you fail to brush your teeth every morning or night, or if you forget to floss at least once each day, the bacteria, food debris and acids in your mouth can lead to several oral health issues. A persistent acidic environment in your mouth can gradually start to your tooth enamel. As this erosion continues, it could put your teeth at an increased risk for cavities and tooth sensitivity problems.

Fluoride helps to strengthen your tooth enamel. Fluoride can be found in most brands of toothpaste and is often found in municipal water supplies. If your routine dental checkup from our dentists, Drs. Gina Kaiser and Nicole Malony reveals signs of damaged or decreased tooth enamel they might recommend a fluoride treatment. It can typically be performed at the end of the checkup. With increased focus on your daily oral hygiene routine, you should be able to maintain healthy teeth. If the dentists have additional concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel they might also provide you a prescription for fluoride supplements. You will also need to make a conscious effort to brush your teeth twice each day and make sure that you floss between each of your teeth and along the gumline.

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