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At some point, most young people become self-conscious about their appearance. At that point, they may become fairly faithful about brushing and flossing their teeth. But until that day arrives, (or maybe to make sure that it does arrive) you may have to fight the Battle of the Brush every day. The sooner you can win that battle, the better off everyone will be.

You may want to pick up some books or watch some videos about brushing your teeth, and you can watch or read them together. You might find a song that you and your child can sing when it is time for him to brush his teeth. Since everyone needs to spend two minutes brushing twice a day, you might have a song you play or sing as your child brushes his teeth. Or make a game of timing him as he brushes. Try buying an extra toothbrush and let him practice brushing the teeth of a stuffed animal or other toy. It might help to get him involved in the process.

Many dental products come in the shape of cartoon characters or superheroes, and there are toothpastes that have fun flavors. As long as those products are approved by the American Dental Association, and the toothpaste contains fluoride, they should be fine. Set a good example for your child by letting him see you brush your teeth, or by brushing your teeth with your child. Don’t forget that praise and encouragement go a long way as well.

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