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With the coming of the holiday season, it is important to begin thinking about foods in your diet that could be damaging your smile. Do not allow your diet to fall into disrepair by not keeping track of the sweets and treats you eat. Dental damage can arise by continually bombarding your smile with sugars and other harmful ingredients including acids and carbs. Protect your teeth and gums by eating right this holiday season.

Microscopic damage that can occur to your teeth is important to be aware of. Oral accidents and injuries that you cannot see can arise as well. This includes damage from biting into foods that are too hard or tough. Avoid biting into hard foods that can easily crack or chip your teeth, including corn on the cob, candy apples, and hard candies.

Most damage that occurs to your teeth and gums is due to foods and drinks you consume. Beyond just limiting sugars and other harmful ingredients from your diet, take note of all sticky or chewy foods you may be consuming. Sticky foods tend to linger in your mouth, which increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. With an effective treatment plan, you can make sure your smile will last as long as you do.

This fall season, a damaged smile can be treated with the help of our licensed professionals at Berryville Dental Associates. To book an appointment with Drs. Gina Kaiser and Nicole Malony at our dentist office in Berryville, Virginia, please contact us at 540-955-0270. We look forward to hearing from you soon!