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How confident are you about your oral health care in terms of preventing dental damage? If you feel as if your oral health could still use some work, you have plenty of options including setting up effective prevention and treatment plans. This is especially beneficial if halitosis has begun to rear its ugly head. Halitosis is another name for bad breath and may be a product of oral bacteria.

In situations where your diet and lifestyle habits are producing bad breath, you will need to make changes. Unhealthy habits including smoking and chewing tobacco are known causes of bad breath. When you use tobacco not only do you increase your risk for bad breath and stained teeth, you can even leave yourself vulnerable to tooth loss and oral and throat cancer. Several foods in your diet may also be producing bad breath as well. Furthermore, underlying conditions in your body can also produce halitosis such as respiratory tract infections or liver and kidney issues.

Often, bad breath is the result of plaque buildup in your mouth. You’ll need to improve your daily hygiene routines so that all areas of your mouth are cleaned and any plaque buildup that may be present is eliminated. For additional help with keeping your mouth clean, visit your dentist for professional cleanings every 6 months.

Are there any other questions you have about halitosis treatment and prevention plans? To improve your smile with treatments for halitosis, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Berryville, Virginia. Dr. Gina Kaiser, Dr. Nicole Malony and our team at Berryville Dental Associates look forward to having you as our guest soon! To contact us, please call our dental office at 540-955-0270.