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If you are interested in knowing all about toothpaste in Berryville, Virginia, then our dentist, Dr. Gina Kaiser and Nicole Malony, is more than happy to help you. Toothpaste is a handy tool that can help you have the top-notch brushing routine you need. The more you know about toothpaste, the better chance you have of properly and effectively cleaning your smile. So, our dentist is happy to share some toothpaste facts, which are:

-It’s strongly recommended to use fluoride toothpaste when you brush. This is because the fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel and helps you prevent cavity development.

-Whitening and tartar-control toothpaste can irritate your gums if you’re not careful. This can cause gum recession and can even promote tooth sensitivity. It’s best to avoid using these pastes if you have sensitive oral tissues.

-It’s recommended to avoid rinsing with water immediately after you brush. This is because if you keep the paste on your teeth, the fluoride has more time to strengthen the enamel.

-Don’t let children use adult toothpaste. Adult toothpaste can cause a dental problem called fluorosis and it can make the child sick if they swallow it.

-The first toothpaste recipe was created by an Egyptian scribe in the 4th Century AD.

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