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A cavity that goes without professional treatment can gradually allow tooth decay to spread deeper into the affected tooth. In time, it could potentially cause a severe infection to develop deep in the surrounding gum tissues. As the bacterial pocket of infection starts to grow, the resulting dental abscess could cause increasing toothache pain, and pressure in the gums. This could also increase your chances of suffering tooth loss, or another medical complication.

In some of these cases our dentists, Dr. Gina Kaiser and Nicole Malony might be able to drain the infected fluid from the area. This is often performed in conjunction with a root canal. Follow up care might also call for the use of prescription antibiotics and pain medication. If the dental abscess is large or the tooth has been severely compromised the only viable treatment might be an extraction.

After all the distressed tissues have healed, the dentists can talk with  you about your restoration options. These can include a dental bridge, or an  implant.

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